10 Love Laws You Cannot Avoid

10 Love Laws You Cannot Avoid
10 Love Laws You Cannot Avoid

10 Love Laws You Cannot AvoidSo, you fall in love, you start dating, you move in together and then it seems to start going in the wrong direction. Once, note that some changes are natural and just unavoidable until you mark your significant other as “not the one”.

10 Love Laws You Cannot Avoid

So, what are these love laws you need to remember. Well let’s count it down from number

  1. Trust is extremely fragile

According to a 2017 Stanford University study, 70% of unmarried couples break up within the first year of their relationship. The reasons for this berry from coupled a couple, of course. It could be different values and life goals financial issues, but more often than not it has to do with lack of trust. Any specialist would tell you that all partnerships are trust-based, and it may seem really strong at times. But this is a very frustrating and dangerous feeling because it is very quick and easy to break the trust between spouses. A 2 a.m. attacker You agreed to spend the weekend together by calling someone named Nancy or that date, but he abruptly had to change plans without any warning.

It all starts with a little spark and then gathering the confidence together becomes almost impossible. So, if you don’t want your relationship to break like your grandma’s favorite vase, make sure you work on maintaining trust in it. It’s not just about telling the truth at all times, although it’s an obvious thing. It’s also about listening and actually caring resolving conflicts in an adult way, matching your words with actions, and letting the other person feel they can always rely on you no matter what.

  1. Sometimes you’ll be bored together

Have you ever noticed how couples in all those romantic movies do everything together and never ever get bored from each other? Well, not everything you see on a large screen is true or on a small screen. In real life, reading a book or meeting up with friends might be more interesting than an evening together with your spouse. It doesn’t mean there is a distance between you. Just give each other a break when you need it, and soon you’ll have fun together again.

Dr. Holly Richmond Marriage and Family Therapist, explains spending time apart in doing your own thing is important to get that spark you felt in the very beginning again. Your partner had a life before you, and after all, it made them the person you fell in love with? So, let yourself miss them just a little bit and then catch up on all the adventures you both had.

  1. You won’t always be on the same side.

Even if you make all important decisions unanimously, sooner or later there will come a time when you won’t agree on something that really matters. The key here is not to get angry with your soulmate and try to find a way out of this situation together. Remember there is no problem that the two of you can’t solve together and don’t let it set you apart. Generally, engaging in disputes that you settle together and strengthening that ability is essential for a healthy relationship. Ignoring the problems is what’s more likely to put an end to it, says New York-based Michael Batshaw, author an internationally recognized relationship expert.

  1. Marriage and children are not a decision

Marriage and children are not an option, they are an obstacle. Most people mistakenly believe that marriage can improve their relationship or that a divide between spouses can be bridged by children. But both marriage and parenthood are really tough challenges, and with that there is nothing wrong. As you once learned to ride a bike, you’ll learn to be a good partner and mother. Yeah, a couple of times you fell off it, but later it got much better, right?

  1. You won’t be attracted to each other forever

You’re not going to be attracted to each other forever only in the start is a relationship wildly passionate. American and European scientists agreed in 2003 to find out exactly for how long passion exists. They met an impressive number of 1761 of people who married and remained together for 15 years and discovered that love has been living on average for 2 years. When it goes away, the love life becomes calmer. Sometimes this can become a problem. But it’s important to remember it’s perfectly normal and it doesn’t mean you were not meant to be. Quite often, once you enter a new phase of life, the honeymoon period returns after a few years.


  1. You will feel lonely sometimes

It might seem that a relationship and especially a marriage, is the opposite of loneliness, but that’s not really true. Sometimes you will feel lonely, and it may seem that nobody understands you and nobody cares about you. Okay, if it happens to you from time to time, this kind of thought is perfectly normal and it doesn’t mean that your relationship is a mess or that your partner doesn’t give you enough love.

Hey, have you experienced any of these moments in your relationship?

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