5 SIGNS OF RELATIONSHIPS THAT ARE TIME TO COMPLETE – Many of us are familiar with the situation when you get something completely different instead of the expected emotions from a relationship with a person. Disappointment is a terrible thing, which takes all the power and kills the desire for something to strive for … But often it’s impossible to make a decision that it’s better to leave.
Someone regrets a partner, someone else feeds hope “what if things change for the better,” someone fears a scandal. However, one must be able to let even a loved one go on time.


Unfortunately, the topic of domestic violence is not only acute in our country. There are many women around the world who have been the victims of the home tyrant at least once in their lives. Someone had enough of one sad episode, and someone had to go to the hospital to realize what was happening and stop tolerating the beating.

Remember – if a man at least once raised his hand to a woman, he had a shift in the boundaries of what was permitted. And now to hit the one who does not give him the surrender is the norm for him. So, there is no guarantee that this will not happen again. If you do not want life to become a nightmare – run away from such a man, and as soon as possible. Because you no longer have a relationship.


You will not believe, but there are girls who tolerate such words in his address from a loved one. The “light” version is when a partner points to the real or imaginary flaws of their woman. If you hear in your address phrases like “You need to lose weight” with a weight of 50 kg, “You have too small  big breasts,” “You need to make your lips wider-these ” partnerships roll down the slope, you know. Your partner does not like you and, trying to instill in you far-fetched complexes, is trying to rise above you. Do you need it?


We are all living people, with their “cockroaches” and worldview. It sometimes happens that at some moments it does not coincide with the attitude of even the closest person. In the heat of an argument, you can accidentally offend your partner, after which usually adults ask forgiveness of each other. And that’s fine. Worse, if a person offends on purpose, trying to walk through the most “sick calluses”, deeply wounding. In response, we pretend that everything is normal.


Insults are piling up, as if we are overgrown with armor and tell ourselves that this is not at all important. However, let’s speak directly – after such attacks, we are unlikely to look in love with our eyes. Because we can forgive, but do not forget … and it will always poison the relationship. So is it worth it to continue?


Remember when your mother encouraged you when you were a child when you had a serious exam or performance at a school holiday? Often her kind words and faith in your strength helped even in the most difficult situations. The support of relatives and friends is also important for adults, because life is unpredictable and far from always looks like a holiday.

I especially want to hear words of approval from a loved one. But if they are not there, if your partner constantly doubts your competence, experience, decisiveness and tells you that you cannot do it, it means that he does not value you in principle. Because the one who loves, rejoices in every success of a loved one and gives his confidence in the successful outcome of the case energy and faith in himself. Therefore, if you do not hear in your address anything other than criticism, think about whether it is time to end this connection.


Another important point, which suggests that it is time to leave, is the lack of confidence in the partner. And here it does not matter, you do not trust or you are constantly forced to justify and report. In any case, this relationship will not last long. Jealousy is a very heavy feeling, it is almost impossible to get rid of it. Especially if there is a reason for it. In theory, the chance, which was once, casts doubt on feelings. The person begins to remember all the cases that once happened, and to think – was there something then or not?

Any new acquaintance or innocuous SMS from a work colleague can cause an attack of such rage that it becomes scary. Remember the classics – however much Othello loved Desdemona, but jealousy overshadowed everything. Therefore, if there is no more trust in a person, you should not continue to torture each other. It is better to suffer now than to live for years in the sense that you are being treated unfairly.
Of course, this is not a complete list of signs of “toxic” relations. This also includes other factors: lack of attention from a partner, and lies, and scandals and quarrels “in public”. But the above-mentioned moments unequivocally indicate that the time for parting has already come and it can no longer be tolerated.

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