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Sign of a healthy relationship that are helpful for you

Working on healthy relationships is not necessary. And it’s time to disperse if you still have to work. “We need a great deal of compatibility. The relationship is over if therapy is needed.” Happy couples never argue, quarrels destroy relationships.” “A partner should know what I want and what I need.

Here are just a few examples of healthy relationship misconceptions. I think it’s important to remember them because the way we conduct and perceive union is affected by thoughts.

Given that therapy is only for those who are close to divorce and have real problems, a way to improve relationships may be missing.

Believing that the partner should guess what you need, you’re not talking directly about desires, but going around and around, feeling unhappy and resentful.

Finally, thinking that there is no need to make any effort to develop relationships, at the first sign of conflict you will try to complete them, although it may strengthen your connection.

Our facilities can help the partner get closer, but they can also force you to leave and feel unhappy. Experts identify several important signs that everyone should be aware of healthy relationships.

1. It can hurt even healthy relationship.

Mara Hirschfeld says that the ironic comment can sometimes be dropped by one of the partners, and the other can start defending. In this case, screaming or rudeness is a form of self-defense. Most often the reason is that someone was insulted by one of the parents during your partner’s childhood, and now he is sensitive to the interlocutor’s tone and facial expression as well as evaluative comments.

Healthy Relationship Tips

The psychotherapist believes we tend to react sharply to situations where we feel unloved, unwanted or unworthy of attention, in short, to those that remind us of old wounds. The brain reacts to the triggers associated with early childhood and those that brought us up in a special way. “If communication with parents were unstable or unpredictable, the worldview might be affected. A person may feel the world isn’t safe, and they shouldn’t trust people,” he explains.

2. Wedding vows are faithful to spouses.

Psychology doctor Peter Parson believes that those who have already written their wedding vows alone have the perfect marriage recipe. These promises are better than the advice given to the newlyweds by relatives. Such oaths require you to be together in joy and sorrow, and remind you to remain a loving partner at all times.

Many promises are hard to keep: seeing only good things in a partner, for example. But even if a spouse has difficult times in a healthy couple, he will always be supported by the second– and this is how strong relationships are created.

3. Healthy relationship is not always an equilibrium.

Couples do not always support each other equally, according to family psychotherapist Mary Hirschfeld: this ratio may not be 50 to 50, but 90 to 10. Suppose the wife has a lot of work and she doesn’t have to stay in the office until the night almost every day. The husband is taking over all household chores at this time and taking care of the kids. Next month, the mother of her husband is diagnosed with cancer; around the house he needs emotional support and help. The wife is then involved in the process. The main thing is that in difficult times both partners support each other and remember that this relationship is not eternal.

Hirschfeld is certain that it is necessary to evaluate soberly how much resources you currently spend on relationships and to discuss it openly. Maintaining trust in the family is also important and not attempting to discern evil intent in everything. So, the partner doesn’t think “she’s at work in a healthy relationship because she doesn’t care,” but “she really needs to do that.”

4. Conflicts also occur in such relationships.

We, people, are complicated, each has its own beliefs, desires, thoughts and needs, so it is not possible to avoid conflicts in communication. Even identical twins with the same DNA raised in the same family are often characteristically completely different.

But the partners always discuss what happened in a healthy couple, according to psychotherapist Clinton Power, because the unresolved conflict is only aggravated with the passage of time, and the couple have regret and bitterness.

5. Partner comes first at all times

In other words, they can set priorities in such a pair, and according to Clinton Power, a partner will always be more important than other people and events. Suppose you’d meet friends, but your partner’s going to stay at home. You are therefore postponing the meeting and spending time with him. Or the spouse wants to watch a film you don’t care about, but you decide to watch it together to spend this time with each other. If he admits he hasn’t experienced a connection with you recently, you cancel all your plans to be with him.

6. Partners are protecting one another

Clinton Power is confident that not only do spouses protect each other from painful experiences in such a union, they also take care of themselves. Either publicly or behind closed doors, they will never harm each other.

According to Power, if your relationship is truly healthy, you will never take the side of someone attacking your partner, but rush to protect your loved one, on the contrary. And if the situation raises questions, discuss them personally with your partner, not before everybody. If someone quarrels with your lover, you’re not going to play a mediator’s role and advise you to directly resolve all issues.

To sum up, a healthy union in which both partners are ready for emotional risks and constantly working on relationships, showing love and patience can be called a healthy one.

There is a place for errors and forgiveness in any relationship. Recognizing that you and your partner are imperfect is important, and that is normal. In order to satisfy us and fill life with meaning, healthy relationship need not be perfect.

Yes, sometimes conflicts and misunderstandings occur, but it can be considered healthy if the union is built on trust and support.

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