Anger Management how to Control Anger


Anger Management– If you are looking for how to deal with anger then this is the right place to find out anger management how to control  this is the right place for you if you want to know how to deal with anger In this article we will try to tell you 6 way of anger management tips that how to control anger

Anger Management How to Control Anger

Most of us don’t like confrontations and quarrels. But they can not be completely avoided– they have to defend their position sooner or later, defend borders, declare their needs. And others must do the same for us.

Our anger is meant to convey something important to others, both overt and covert. But he’s repelling them. We want hearing and understanding sincerely, and we get the opposite result. It prevents us from building effective communication in whatever form we express aggression.

Many people think that the passive-aggressive style of interaction is better and “more pleasant” than open flashes of rage, but it is not. The French designate passive aggression with the phrase sub-entendu (“hint,” “omission”). We like to utter quite innocent words, but in fact we mean something completely different, evil and cruel.

Studies show that the unfriendly style of communication pushes people away: they begin to feel uncomfortable

How to Deal with Anger

1. Hear yourself and realize what’s going on. Even if you just boil with anger, it’s better to wait– otherwise it’s going to go the wrong way. When we’re angry, this emotion captures the brain and we can’t think of anything else. Amygdala, the brain’s emotional center, is so active that logically reasoning is hard for us.

Take a walk and take a deep breath, distract yourself with a funny video, meditate,            pray– use any technique to help you regain composure. You can communicate more            effectively, cool down a little.

Anger Management


2. Show curiosity Studies show that we are self-centered by negative emotions. When we focus on sensations, we can not put ourselves in another’s place and see from his point of view the situation. As a rule, at the moment we are not even considering his condition. That’s why we have to stir curiosity.

Anger Management How to Control

3. Recognize emotions. Understand whether you are angry with what you feel? Often we think a person or a situation annoys us, and in fact we do not experience anger, but pain, sadness or rejection. You will be able to inform your interlocutor about them after understanding what your emotions are.

4. Find out if you’re not blaming others for your trouble. It’s too easy to blame someone else. In a marriage, you are hungry, tired, overwhelmed, tense, unhappy, and you place all responsibility on the person who appeared, most often on someone near you. You’re pushing away the people you love the most, and that makes the situation worse. Furthermore, your irritation doesn’t disappear anywhere, because you spilled it on the wrong person and didn’t understand your anger’s true cause. Ask why this is how your counterpart acts. Instead of conflicting, ask why he does what he does with sincere involvement. The person you’re angry with most likely doesn’t attempt to hurt you deliberately. Before you consider yourself guilty, try to understand him.

Anger Management How to Control

5. Express sympathy. Putting yourself in the place of the interlocutor and wondering why you are entering into open communication instead of assuming the worst and showing respect for the other person’s right to think, feel and act in a certain way. As a result, you are building deeper, empathically based relationships. A person is forced to defend and respond in the same way in response to aggression, but in this case he feels safe and capable of hearing your point of view.

6. Learn to communicate correctly Use “I-messanger” to express your opinion, talk abt how you feel. But don’t confine yourself to this, otherwise your view of the situation will remain unilateral. Please ask the other person to share your views.

Try to hear it and come together to some sort of compromise. Show genuine interest and do not occupy a position of accusation.

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