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Chemistry in Everyday Life:-  Chemistry plays a very important role in our daily life. Chemical compounds are used in every aspect of our life, they are used for cleansing purposes, in food for flavoring and preservation and in medicines, etc.


The chemicals which affect the human metabolism and provides the cure from ailment are called medicine.

Classification of drugs-

On the basis of  pharmacological effects

It provides the whole range of drugs available for the treatment of a particular type of problem, e.g. analgesics Have painkiller effect, anti septic’s kill or arrest the growth of micro organism.

On the basis of drug action

It is based on the action of a drag on the particular biochemical process. E.G antimicrobials, neurologically active drugs etc.

On the basis of molecular targets

Drugs are classified on the basis of their interaction with biochemical such as carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids. 

Drugs are chemicals off you molecular mass this, which interact micromolecular  targets (carbohydrate, proteins and nucleic acids) to produce a biological response. When the biological response is therapeutic and helpful, these chemicals are called medicines.

On the basis of therapeutic action, drugs are classified as follows:


Substance Which neutralise the  excess  hydrochloric acid and raise the pH to appropriate in stomach are called antacids, e.g. ranitidine (Zantac), cimetidine (tegamet).


Drugs that interface with the process of amine by competitivewith it for binding sites of receptor wherever amine exerts its result are referred to as antihistamines, e.g. brompheniramine.


Drugs which are used to reduce tension and provide relief from mental diseases are called tranquilisers.


Neurologically active drugs which reduce or abolish pain without causing impairment of consciousness, metal confusion, incoordination or paralysis or without causing any other disturbance of the nervous system are called analgesics, e.g.  aspirin.


Drugs used to cure diseases caused by bacteria, fungi and viruses are called antimicrobials. 

These are of following types


The chemical substance produced wholly or partially by chemical synthesis, which in low concentration either kill or inhabit the growth of microorganisms by intervening in their metabolic processes are called antibiotics., e.g. penicillin.


These are the chemicals which prevent either the growth of microorganisms or kills them but are not harmful to the living human tissue. 


(that kill microorganisms and are harmful to living tissues, e.g. 1% solution of phenol).

Antifertility drugs

Antifertility drugs are used to control population. These contains a mixture of synthetic estrogen and progesterone derivatives.

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