Computer role in our society


Computer role in our society

Computer is an electronic device used to analyze, calculate and store the data it receives. It’s more or less like a human brain, but its ability to work and memorize is nearly unlimited unlike the human brain. Computer never feels tired, makes no mistakes, and can inform you instantly. Without any mistakes, it can make any complicated calculations in no time.

This is why computer takes the place of wear calculation by men, is involved in storing information, data analysis, and public services.

Computer role in our society

India is a country in the developing world. But in any field of advancement, she never legs back. It’s exaggerating to say we’re living in the computer age. India has brought a revolution in the computer field.

We find increasing use of computers in almost every field of life. Computer not only saved manpower, but saved our time and money as well. It has enhanced man’s efficiency. No man works faster, more precise, and more efficiently.

Computers have become a necessity in India. You go to any office, bank, industry, railway station, mall or anywhere, you find people who use computers to help you beyond a man. Now the official record is being fed into the computer. Big ledgers, files, etc. are not required in the offices. We don’t have to turn one page after another. Now we friends only get a button and in the twinkling of an eye we get all the information.

Computer role

In addition to offices, his school and college are also experiencing a computer revolution. Computer education has become compulsory even in the primary classes. It also shows students taking a keen interest in it. There are also unlimited professional colleges in higher studies that train students in modern and advanced computer technology and its applications.

Computer role in society

The world computer is in everybody’s language in India. Computer revolution changed India’s face. Everyone seems to rely on some kind of reports or information, or the computer gives the other. The revolution is still on, and to describe its wonders it needs a lot of space.


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