5 Effective Ways to Cope with Stress

5 Effective Ways to Cope with Stress
5 Effective Ways to Cope with Stress

5 Effective Ways to Cope with Stress– We all experience stress, but to different extent how we handle it affects our lives. You may have tried to be less stressed, but there are not many effective ways to cope with stress.

Before I go into how to alleviate stress, let me give you an introduction to what stress is. There is no medical definition of stress, and health care professionals frequently disagree about whether stress is the source of or the result of problems. This can make it hard for you to work out what causes or how to deal with your feelings of stress. Stress affects us both physically and emotionally in a number of ways and in different intensities.

First of all, it must be understood that stress can be divided into two distinct categories, which are closely intertwined.

Emotional stress

The feeling of being under an abnormal pressure is emotional stress. This pressure may come from various aspects of your day-to-day life, such as a workload, a transitional period, an argument you have with your family, or existing and new financial concerns. You can find it has a psychological effect, each buildings on top of each other.

You may feel threatened or upset during these situations, and your body may create a response to stress. The reaction of your body to your emotional state is the release of a multitude of stress hormones that in turn affect your body’s way of feeling, moving, and responding to external stimuli. This can cause a variety of physical symptoms, alter your behavior, and lead to more intense emotions.

You can see that emotional stress affects your body with a tangible physical impact. This is due to the response of your body to your feelings and not to internal or external sensory inputs.

Physical stress

Physical stress is the reaction of your body to external stimuli that trigger a response to “fight or flight” and also the metabolic reaction of your body to what you are breathing, drinking, and eating.

These stress is not inherently bad; it can be very helpful indeed. Exercising, for example, causes physical stress, but emotional stress is relieved. Also, it may turn out to be life-saving to have a stress response because a car is about to hit you as you cross the road.

Physical Stressors

On the contrary, all negative physical stressors are eating processed food, drinking alcohol or sugar beverages, and smoking or using recreational drugs.

Physical stressors such as exercise are something, we want our body to experience frequently, but they are still a form of stress that can actually have a detrimental effect on our health when added to many other stressors.

Of instance, when you’ve had a four-hour sleep, trying to run a 10k fasted and an emotionally stressful week may not be the best for your well being. After a good meal and a 20-minute workout, you would probably be better off doing a 5k.

It’s easy to see at this point that everyone experiences stress to varying degrees. Nonetheless, it is important to address it as soon as possible when it affects your life, health and well-being.

5 Effective Ways to Reduce Stress

If you’ve been looking for “stress reduction” online, you’ve probably found a bunch of generic advice such as “try to sleep more” or “exercise regularly” and “eat healthy.” While these are all great things, we should all do every day, I found that this simple advice wasn’t really helping them when trying to help a very busy client reduce their stress levels. It actually only made things worse.

That’s why, instead of giving you basic advice, I’m gon na give you 5 realistic techniques which can be implemented in your everyday routine without taking too much of your precious time.

Reduce emotional stress

Until addressing my favorite ways of reducing emotional stress, I will emphasize the fact that first physical stress should be tackled. This is because emotional tension is often triggered by contact or events beyond our control zone with other people.

You may be emotionally depressed because your employer is under pressure or you experience some friction in your relationship. You may also be stressed because you’re worried about things you can’t do a lot about (like the health or economy of someone else).

Let’s move on to my favorite ways to reduce emotional stress now that I’ve made this clear.

  1. Plan your week carefully on a Sunday night

“Improving efficiency” is the one thing that will help you handle and reduce stress after taking care of your health. Being able to do more in less time will help you stop feeling overwhelmed and encourage you to take some extra time to do things that reduce stress like meditation, being in nature, or reading a book. That’s why taking an entire hour on a Sunday night to schedule your work week carefully, hour-by-hour is a must-do. Use this system to maximize this exercise’s effectiveness- (5 Effective Ways to Cope with Stress)

  • Start with booking exercise, shopping for food, and time alone (to do whatever non-work-related activity you want). Give the same priority to those activities that you would give to a working meeting.
  • Go through your to – do list once you have booked those and evaluate the different voices from the most important to the least important. Book them as they wish. Make sure you book the least important things later in the week, so you can reduce the stress that is induced by the most demanding tasks before it starts building on you.
  • Last but not least, book your time to sleep. This may sound funny to you, but you’re probably going to check your calendar more than 20 times a day. Seeing a time-block in your calendar called “sleep” will automatically instruct your brain to prepare for sleep at that time.
Delegate the least significant tasks

Last but not least, it can cause stress to spend time doing tasks that you don’t think are important or that someone else could / should do. It is because you’re not going to devote time to your to – do list’s most important voices and therefore build up emotional stress.


When you’re planning your week, spend some time thinking about how you can delegate those annoying tasks to either a paid professional or someone who wants to help you. Don’t be afraid to hire someone like a cleaner or an online assistant to open your wallet. If you become sick due to stress or end up in need of a doctor, the cost will be much higher.

Reducing Physical Stress

Drink More Water

Drinking water has many health benefits, but the most noticeable when it comes to stress reduction are:

  1. Improve brain function
  2. Improve energy overall
  3. Reduce cravings

A well-hydrated body allows you to think faster and clearer and to do more things because you’re not going to feel tired. Most of the biochemical processes that occur within the brain need water and minerals. Staying hydrated consistently will improve your brain function and help you do your job better.

It’s a huge cause of stress among busy people to have too many things to do and yet feel unproductive. Something as simple as always having a refillable water bottle with you and having a snack every five minutes or so can have a positive impact on your stress, health and performance.

Working out each day

It is already said that physical exercise, despite being metabolic stress itself, has been proven to reduce stress levels. I also said that working out when you’re stressed and running out of time might actually have the opposite effect and further increase your stress levels.

If you want to reduce stress, it is important to have a set day and time each week devoted to exercise (preferably in the morning, before meetings and calls start to interrupt your day).

  1. Be more consistent with exercise (because you are less likely to skip your sessions after early morning pre-booking).
  2. Delete from your brain the idea that “you still have to exercise,” so you don’t have to think about ways to catch the hour-long workout in a busy working day. The lower your mind’s stressful thoughts, the lower your stress levels are.

These five tricks that I have just listed are extremely efficient and easy to implement in your daily life. Find the perfect combination that works best for you to play with them.

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