How to be happy alone? Do you want to know?

How to be happy alone

How to be happy alone? A great story told by Guru Gaur Gopal Das  and Sadhguru about happiness that how to be happy alone.

Want to know how to be happy alone?

A lady who was over 90 years old but had great flair towards dressing up well applying and arranging her hair in beautiful patterns.

How to be happy

Happiness is the choice 

She and her husband had been married to each other for 70 years, after the departure of her beloved partner having no children and no one in the family to care for she decided to move to the nursing home.

Even on the day when she vacated her home for good, she dressed up smart and looked gorgeous.

After arriving at the nursing home, she had to wait patiently in the lobby for hour before her room was ready when an attendant when an attendant helped her make her way to the room.

She gave the lady visual description of the tiny space that she was meant to occupy. “I loved it,” said the woman with the excitement of an eight-year-old who was just introduced to a fresh puppy.

“Mrs Jones you haven’t even seen the room yet… just wait” the attendant remarked. ” Well my joy has nothing to do with the room”, the lady replied.

Whether I like my room or not, does’t depend on how the furniture is arranged, it depends in how I arranged my mind.

Choose Right and Live Well

Happiness is something you can decide ahead of time. And I already decided yo love my room, to love the people around me, to love the life.

It is a decision that I make every morning when I make up. You know what, the greatest asset we all have is the power to choose how we feel.

The lady continued speaking, as the attendant listened attentively with her mouth wide open.

“I can my entire day in bed thinking of the pain I am in, focusing on those parts of my body that no longer work or I can get out of my bed and be thankful for those parts that do work.

Each day is a gift, and as long as my I can still open, I will continue to focus on today and all the happy memories that I have stored in my mind just want this time in my life.

The attendant was astounded by the attitude of the elderly lady, whose life from an external point of view, only full of problem and hopelessness. 

How to be happy alone
                                           How to be happy alone.

Ladies and gentlemen only “Problems” happens automatically ; Peace is a choice we all have to make. Only “Hatred” happens automatically; Love is a choice we all have to make.
Choose right and live well.

I hope you like the article and I  would love to know what is the your thought about happy life.


Sadhguru: When you are fundamentally pleased, when you don’t have to do anything to be happy, then every aspect of your lives will change – the way you perceive and express yourself and the world. You will no longer have vested interests because you will be happy by your nature whether you are doing something or not, whether you are getting something or not getting something, whether something is happening or not. Your activities will increase to a totally distinct level when you are happy by your nature.

5 Tools for a Happy Life

1.  See that you have a basic duty to be joyful

For a human being, the first and most basic responsibility is to become a happy being. Being pleased is not life’s ultimate element. It’s life’s basic element. What else can you do with your lives if you’re not pleased? Other excellent opportunities can only be opened if you’re pleased.

Whatever you do, you will only spread your internal quality. Whether or not you like it, that’s the truth. You can’t do anything of tremendous value to the world unless something of true value happens within you. So, the first thing you have to do if you’re worried about the globe is to turn yourself into a happy being.

2- Remember that your initial nature is pleasure

Whether it’s business, power, education or service, it doesn’t matter what you’re pursuing in your lives, you’re doing it because somewhere deep inside you’re feeling this will bring you happiness. Each action we take on this planet stems from an aspiration to be pleased because it is the initial nature. You were just pleased when you were a kid. That’s the nature of you. Within you is the cause of happiness; you can take charge of it.

3- Place things in perspective

Did you see the sun rose wonderfully well this morning? The flowers were blooming, no stars were falling, the galaxies were working very well. It’s all in order. Today, the entire cosmos happens fantastically well, but only a worm of a thought worming through your head makes you think that today is a poor day.

Essentially because most people have lost outlook on what this life is about, suffering is occurring. Their psychological process has become much bigger than the existential process, or, to put it bluntly, you have created your small development much more important than the development of the Creator.

That is the basic cause of all pain. We’ve lost the full feeling of what living here means. The nature of your experience right now is determined by a thought in your head or an emotion within you. And your thinking and emotion may have nothing to do with your life’s restricted truth.

The entire creation is going on wonderfully well, but only one thought or emotion can ruin it all.

4- Stop pursuing, start expressing

Today we are so strongly searching for happiness that the very life of the planet is under threat. Do not pursue joy. Know how to convey your worldwide joy. If you look back and see your life, the most beautiful moments in life are moments when you express your happiness, not when you seek it.

What you are saving is never going to be your quality. What you’re going to dispense is your quality. If you save your happiness, no one will take into consideration at the end of your lives, “She saved in her every bit of happiness ; she’s the happiest dead.” They will say, “This terrible creature never smiled in her lives. “But if you dispensed every day with your love and joy, people would say, ‘ Oh, she was a happy and loving being.’

5- Remember to smile!

It only requires an hour for many individuals to forget all this and their reptilian brain wants to bite somebody fairly quickly. So offer yourself an hourly dose –a reminder of life’s value. Remember each half-an-hour if you’re very insensitive. Remember every five minutes if you’re terribly insensitive. Remembering yourself takes just ten seconds. In just two seconds you could do that too – “I’m alive, you’re alive. What else?”

I hope you like the article How to be happy alone and I  would love to know what is the your thought about happy life.


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