How to cure pimple and acne


How to cure pimple – If you are finding for how to cure pimple than this article gonna help you a lot to find out how you can cure pimple

In adolescence, not only hormonal surge can trigger acne. Unfavorable environmental circumstances, unsuitable nutrition and other variables improve the length of sebaceous gland activity. You must first find out the reasons for their appearance by selecting an acne remedy on the face.

Face acne-causes

You need to figure out why acne appears on the face to efficiently use the arsenal of skin cleansers. The reasons are very distinct, and it is often not one reason, but a mixture of negative variables that affect the face’s skin’s health and appearance. Knowledge of them is not only essential to get rid of acne, but also to stop future acne from appearing.

I would like to concentrate on the classification of acne before continuing straight to clarify the reasons, because many instruments involve the use of a certain sort of acne.

  1. The comedones are open. Black spots with a broad opening, polluted pores.
  2. Comedons closed. In reality, these are white eels clogged with a very tiny hole in the pores.
  3. Cysts. Purulent, painful cavities that often leave scars.
  4. Pustules Formed inside the comedy when bacteria start to multiply, causing inflammation and suppuration.

All these kinds of acne are caused most frequently by:

  1. Heredity. Scientists have lately recognized a gene that is accountable for acne predisposition.
  2. Allergy. Modern household chemicals and cosmetics may have allergic reaction-causing elements.
  3. Improper hygiene of the face. Too often, as well as too rarely, washing is not helpful for skin cleanliness.
  4. Nutrition. Besides food allergies, many products adversely affect the epidermis ‘ health. These are products from caffeine, dairy, peanuts, sugar, etc.
  5. Stress generally adversely impacts the state of health, which often impacts the face.
  6. Medicine reception. Many drugs in the form of rashes have side effects.
  7. Pregnancy. Increasing progesterone levels during childbirth is a prevalent cause of acne.
  8. The cycle of the menstruation. Androgens boost subcutaneous fat production, which can cause physicians to appear.

How to cure pimple

It is essential to consult with a beautician before removing acne from the face, identify the cause and discover the most efficient remedy for acne on the face in this situation. Pharmacies give a lot of drugs, so not everyone can make the correct decision, and you can just get confused if you add the common techniques here as well.

A skilled expert will assist you choose an acne remedy on your face and offer you practical guidance on future acne prevention.

How can the skin be cleaned?

Improper hygiene is the most prevalent and prevalent cause of acne. You should be conscious of the guidelines for washing the face’s skin to prevent issues. Daily morning and evening acne washing helps to remove dirt and fat residues, which are the primary causative agents of diseases and inflammations.

The daily face cleaning operation generally offers a whole variety of operations and regulations to be followed.

  1. Washing with hot water in the morning and at night and a gentle remedy.
  2. The use of pores-free moisturizers. Considering the sort of skin and choosing the correct moisturizing method is essential.
  3. Regular masks and peeling processes are a must, but are often not suggested for such processes. Once, twice a week at most.
  4. Excessive cosmetic use is not the best effect on the skin’s health, so I don’t need to be abused.
  5. It is recommended to avoid excessive sunlight influence on the skin and, if necessary, use sunscreen.
  6. Proper nutrition plays a key role. Fast food, sophisticated, fat and sweet foods are not having the greatest skin effect.

Pimple  ointment

You need to understand which one is best by using an acne ointment on the skin. We give a drug score that helps with the battle against skin issue. Acne remedies in the form of ointments on the face:

  1. Baziron- This instrument is designed for those who want to get rid of acne rapidly. Acne baziron is efficient, but there is one drawback-it overdries the skin considerably.
  2. Zenerite- At the peak of popularity, this tool. Zinerit for acne helps, heals and protects the skin of the face with a multitude of rashes.
  3. Ointment Ichthyol. This cure attracts profound acne and helps to prevent post-acne acne well.
  4. Gel Skinoren- It is not appropriate for continuous use, but this choice is the best if you need to decrease swelling rapidly.
  5. Ointment with zinc- Relieves inflammation and has the characteristics of disinfecting.
  6. Ointment of Vishnevsky- The remedy helps to mature and break through purulent acne, such as ichthyol ointment.

How to cure pimple at home

Diet for pimple cure

Nutrition-a key factor in determining the skin’s purity and appearance. The systematic intake of unhealthy ingredients often results in subcutaneous pimples on the face. Hence the conclusion that the diet can make the face’s skin clean, lovely and healthy. The strategy to acne nutrition includes two measures. Rejection of damaging products and helpful incorporation into the diet.

Excluding from the diet should consist of: coffee; sweet soda; white bread; margarine; red meat; sausage and sausage; juices; chili; salt; canned food; alcohol; roast; milk.

Home Acne Masks

The masks that are effective and easy to prepare should be paid attention to those who are looking for a good remedy for acne on the face.

  1. Acne yogurt and aspirin. Two crushed-shaped Aspirin tablets are blended with a natural yogurt tablespoon and 50 ml of unsalted mineral water. Apply to the face for half an hour, then wash away with hot water.
  2. A mask of garlic. Grind 7 garlic cloves and place gruel for 15-20 minutes on the inflamed fields. Wash with hot water.
  3. Sweetheart mask. For 15 minutes, honey is applied to acne, then washed off with warm water. Another alternative: honey (1 tsp.) is blended with white egg and lemon nipple (1 tsp.), washed off with hot water for 15 minutes.

Aloe against acne

Aloe has many ailments as a well-known doctor. The most basic way of using a plant is to rub the skin with its juice. This will assist in the presence of acne in the presence of inner acne on the face and inflammation. For the use of aloe vera in acne, there is another very efficient recipe.

Acne-free toothpaste

Another easy and inexpensive way to get rid of acne on the face rapidly-using toothpaste. It should be understood, however, that such a method can be used for a short time to get rid of the consequences and not to eliminate the very reason, so you should not expect a lasting effect To use toothpaste for such purposes is simple:

  1. We treat the skin with an antiseptic and apply, scrubbing it mildly, a tiny quantity of paste to the place.
  2. We wash our face with hot water after a few hours and apply a moisturizer.

Hydrogen peroxide

Home acne remedies on the face are varied, but hydrogen peroxide has proven to be simple and effective. It’s very easy to apply this antiseptic, which can be discovered in any first aid kit.

1. Good skin clean.

2. We add hydrogen peroxide to a cotton swab and lubricate the inflamed regions softly without touching healthy skin.

3. Lubricate moisturizing agent after drying.

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