How to cure pregnancy stretch marks


Cure pregnancy stretch marks– If you are searching for how to get rid of pregnancy stretch marks or need information about stretch marks during pregnancy then this is the right place for all your queries.

With weight gain and tummy development, expectant mothers may have stretch marks another name is stretch marks. They are created in locations where the skin needs to be particularly stretched-on the abdomen, neck, buttocks and thighs.

The mechanism of stretch marks appearance is easy: the skin stretches and bursts, and with the assistance of connective tissue, the body attempts to remove the damaged regions-this is how scars appear.

Stretch marks during pregnancy

Initially, a fresh, freshly shaped connective tissue has a pink and sometimes purple color as it is permeated by capillaries. Stretch marks become pale over time, capillaries die off, tissue ages and elasticity loss. Because the connective tissue does not contain any pigment, stretch marks do not respond to the sun, i.e. they stay white on a tanned body.

Marks of stretch causes

There are many variables that add during pregnancy to the appearance of stretch marks.

a. It is no secret that the future mother is altering the hormone ratio, especially by increasing the blood content of estrogen and progesterone. The sensitivity of the skin to different factors also improves due to the steady hormonal adjustment.

During pregnancy, substances that are accountable for the skin’s capacity to stretch-elastin and collagen-are not generated so actively.

b. If growth and tension happen particularly rapidly and sharply, the skin does not have time to respond to modifications.

c. No matter how elastic the skin is, its stretching capacity has a restriction, which implies that the fibers inevitably break in areas of particularly powerful tension.

d. The cause of the appearance of stretch marks and genetic predisposition can not be called.

 Pregnancy stretch marks removal

  1. Food and weight should be balanced-normal. Before pregnancy, it’s better to attend to this. In the waiting period for the kid to attempt not to dramatically and a lot gain weight.
  2. Increase food protein content. It is accountable for its renewal and elasticity that it is the skin’s primary “construction material.”
  3. Rest is essential in the skin regeneration process as well. Full sleep (both day and night) will enhance the complexion and help restore substance stocks in organs and tissues, which in turn will decrease the danger of stretch marks.
  4. A bra that supports the chest well, has a broad foundation under the cups, broad straps and an adjustable buckle is required to avoid stretch marks on the chest.
  5. Use unique stretch mark cosmetics. Stretch mark creams, gels and balsams contain elements that moisturize the skin and boost the development of collagen. It is better to give preference to goods containing the vital oils of wheat and walnut sprouts from rosewood, lemon, mint and vegetable oils-all these elements fight skin flabby. And biosaccharides, soybeans, proteins from carrots, extract from tiger grass deter skin tension, decrease current stria, and moisturize.
  6. Special stretch mark oils are available in addition to creams and gels. Almond oil, dense germ oil of wheat, hazelnut oil, etc.
  7. Ideal-use during the massage of all the above cosmetics. Regularity in this situation is very essential. Massage can be performed in circular movements for 10-15 minutes with both fingers and a rough canvas mitten or napkin.
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Bethel Smith

I really appreciate all of the different types of oils and creams that you suggested for getting rid of stretch marks. I am two months pregnant and want to do whatever I can to limit getting stretch marks on my body. We will be sure to look into the best available products to help us with this.