How to get fat at home in a week


How to get fat in a week at home– If you are looking for how to get fat in a week then this is the perfect place for you to know how to get fat. How to get fat in a week at home or how to get fat

Most people are searching for effective ways to quickly lose weight, but there are those who want to gain weight. In essence, they are thin teenagers who consume all the calories consumed actively at that age. You’ll learn how to get fat at home in a week and what foods to eat to achieve the goal in this article.


How to get fat?

It’s a snap to gain extra weight for the week. You must adhere to the basic rules to obtain fat without causing damage to health:

  1.  Increase the number of calories in the diet, taking individual characteristics into consideration. Higher energy consumption must be the energy value of the consumed products. Nutritionists recommend eating 20 percent less calories than usual when a person wants to lose weight. You need to add the same 20 percent in the case of weight gain. So, if there were 2000 calories in your diet, there should be 2400 now.
  2. The consumption of complex carbohydrates and proteins should be given special attention.
  3. Use high-calorie cocktails (e.g. chocolate or banana-curd cheese) that are absorbed quickly by the body and replenished with nutrient reserves.
  4. Eat frequently (up to 6 times a day), so you can get the required number of calories and not stretch your stomach wall too much. Four standard meals and two snacks in between should be in your diet. They contain a lot of calories as a snack, choose nuts, but they are useful.
  5. Engage in strength training to build muscle mass and create a beautiful figure. And don’t forget protein shakes or protein foods after class– they’re going to help you gain weight.
  6. We all know that our body is adversely affected by stressful situations and lack of sleep and we start to lose weight vigorously. Hence, a full 7-8 hour sleep and lack of stressful situations will help not lose weight.

How to get fat fast

In adhering to these rules, we must remember that a rapid extra pound collection can lead to serious health problems. Therefore, choosing the right diet and including high-calorie but healthy food is important.

What do you need to eat in a week to get fat?

In order to get extra pounds quickly, you should not overly eat fatty foods and often sit with chips on the couch. You need to eat nutritious foods with high calories.

You should eat porridge on milk and added butter for breakfast, for example, and milk is better to take the most fat. Flour and sweet products can be used in the envy of all friends who have to refuse such pleasures.

Do not engage in fast food, however, because it can only harm the body.

Fast food is, in fact, empty calories, which together with fats contribute to insulin release, and is redistributed to the liver, but not to the muscles (without physical activity) that overload it. The liver then transforms protein hormone into adipose tissue.

Fast food can not be eaten at the same time. The body easily digests fast carbohydrates, and he’s hungry again. And they block the feeling of satiety in combination with sugar contained in carbonated drinks, which are most commonly used together with fast food.

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