Why love happens at first sight?

Why love happens at first sight?

Why love happens at first sight– Modern science is trying to reduce to a common denominator all the diverse stories of love at first sight. According to the researchers, there are a number of reasons explaining the sudden outburst of feelings. Here they are:-

Why love happens at first sight

Genetic compatibility

The eyes had not yet managed to examine the object of attention in detail, and the brain had already scanned the stranger for the perfect choice. The one who determines the most suitable partner for reproduction and obtaining strong offspring. In other words, this is pure physiology. Too down to earth and not sublime? Maybe. But scientists are sure, the greater the similarity in the genetic combination of the pair , the brighter the feeling.

Skin odor

The peculiarity of capturing the natural aroma of the body of representatives of the opposite sex was inherited from animals. Each of us has a unique smell, mixed on an individual set of pheromones and secreted by the skin. And to feel it with a sense of smell is almost impossible. Nature jokes with us, confronting a “tasty” person from whom we literally become addicted. Sometimes beyond all arguments of logic;

Animal instincts

Eye-to-eye contact has long been known as a pretext for aggression with the release of adrenaline into the blood, the desire to occupy a fighting stance. Of course, we are not wild animals, ready to rush into battle with the gaze of a stranger. But instincts take their toll, and here are two scenarios. First: you will turn your back on the “viscous” look of a person unsympathetic to you. Second – continue this peculiar game of “peepers”, as a result of which a feeling may flare up.

Reflection of oneself in a partner

Our egoism and narcissism come onto the scene . Psychologists say, we have strong feelings for a person who looks like us. If the physical data, habits, lifestyle, hobbies, life situations coincide, the same words slip, yesterday’s stranger becomes closest to us. When the object of passion is well-disposed towards you, the “roof” can finally be demolished.

Parent image

Even Freud argued that the greatest love we experience in childhood- boys in love with mothers, girls with fathers. We are growing up, and the image of the parent, like an anchor, remains in memory. There is a person with a similar appearance, behavior model, habits and even the timbre of the voice, and we can no longer control ourselves. By the way, such a trigger works even in a bad relationship with a parent of the opposite sex. So we subconsciously strive to establish or correct the quality of communication with him.

Image of first love

Sexologists follow up on this version. We are searching, in their view, among the surrounding spouse, who has left a mark in the mind. A school desk mate in an elementary school, for example, who looked after us with touching care. Or the guy first. Throughout sexology, there is the idea of “heart topography.” These are the initial marks left by significant individuals throughout consciousness. It doesn’t matter if you were feeling happiness or pain, at the same time rejection. So you can fall in love headlong from a brief encounter if the partner turns out to be an “echo” of past events.

It happens that we live alone for a long time. The burden of past failures, resentment is released, and a picture of an impeccable elect is formed in our head. When a fictional image is reflected in a specific real person, feelings flare up. Or we can fall in love in response to the manifestation of someone’s sympathy. Especially if we suffer from low self-esteem. This is like a kind of gratitude for the sensation of one’s own significance. Supporters of mysticism are sure that love at first sight is a meeting of lovers from past lives.

Be that as it may, love at first sight- a wonderful feeling that inspires, inspires, colors life with rainbow colors. Unless family people, conservatives and moralists, should abandon it. Everyone else can see sudden reciprocity as a gift from heaven. How events will develop further will depend on only two. But, as in the case of “standard” love, you should not completely lose your head, as well as lay unnecessary dreams and hopes on the newly-born subject of sighing. And be happy in the present.

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