Makeup Tips – Mistakes that make us older


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Errors which make us older

Let’s hear about any makeup errors that makeup artists are warning us about, putting it into service, and not allowing trifles like improperly setting shadows, adding us extra years.

Excessively light color

A tonal remedy that is noticeably brighter than your natural color makes wrinkles exaggerated. Even if you had light ivory skin in your youth, then know that your skin is getting darker in tone or two over the years, and nothing can be done about it. This is because of capillaries, open pores, pigment spots–: all our classic age: related changes in the face’s skin. That is why the decision we need a darker tonal framework than we do in young people. And if you need to lighten the skin– not using the color of the tone, simply choose products with fluorescent particles, they make the overall tone lighter visually because they reflect light.

Under the eyes, too thick concealer layer (corrector)

The skin under the eyes becomes thinner with age, becomes covered with a fine mesh of wrinkles, and it is also noticeably more mobile, and the color of the skin around the eyes (dark and dim) changes. The skin under the eyes therefore needs to be further clarified, but this should be done very delicately. Correctors are generally produced in the form of a pencil, in this form the thickness of the layer is difficult to follow. Therefore, after applying a pencil, it is better to take a brush and mix the concealer very carefully in the area under your eyes. Then it won’t detect the wrinkles.

Makeup  Disadvantages

Too much foundation 

Make-up tools should change over the years, and if some tool has helped you out in your youth, then this doesn’t mean that it will suit you too after 35 years. Most professional makeup artists recommend switching to tonal moisturizing or tonal moisturizing creams. With a thin transparent layer, they fit well. And, of course, the foundation layer was so thick that it does not shine through the skin is unacceptable. Using a denser layer, you’re trying to mask the wrinkles, but it turns out all the way around. A thick opaque layer of tone only reveals wrinkles, turns the face into a mask, the coating cracks and breaks in places where there are facial wrinkles, and it looks like this is certainly not your age.

Excessive powder

That’s bad at any age, but many make-up artists advise over the years to refuse powder [surprisingly, but that’s so]. Powder is only suitable for the nose and chin, it immediately gives the skin a dry and scaly look elsewhere. After all, with age, moisturizing becomes the main task to minimize wrinkles, so tonal means are needed with a moisturizing effect. Powder seldom performs a task like this. Many makeup artists say that a photo shoot can be a photo shoot after 40 the only time you need powder so the skin does not glow under strong lighting. Glare is not terrible to us in ordinary life, they only minimize wrinkles. Don’t worry about shiny skin, fear dry skin, experts say. 

But if you can’t give up the powder yet, here’s a tip-use light mineral crumbly (not compact) textures and strictly avoid the area around your eyes.

Too much mascara at the bottom

Lower eyelashes, some makeup artists usually recommend not to touch mascara to women over forty (Buy Best Mascara Online). This only makes dark circles worse under the eyes. At the same time, as faded and flabby eyelashes give out age, mascara is a must-have product. Avoid too Makeup Eyes Tipsfatty heavy formulas, dry eyelashes that we receiving ed with age will simply not bear such a burden, the mascara will fly around. And all will be reflected in the area around the eyes, which in our years will receive such close attention. 

Curling eyelashes– with forceps or with the help of a twisting mascara– is a good technique to increase eye size, and big eyes are definitely a youthful sign.

Thick stroke of the lower eyelid

Here’s the same recommendation as for mascara. Refusing to lower the eyelashes at all is better. Focus on the upper eyelid. It’s better if there’s no uniform line but thickening to the eye’s outer corner. 

After all, the eye line also sags with age, and it needs to be raised slightly with the help of the liner.

Bright shadows on the eyes ‘ outer corners.

For older women, a shimmering and slightly radiant eye makeup is good because glitter can distract attention from wrinkles and give glow and young enthusiasm a look. But if this shine is next to them, there is a big danger just to draw attention to wrinkles. Hence, use shiny or pearly liners or shadows, but only on the eyes ‘ inner corners and a little on the eyelid’s center.

Makeup and Beauty Bugs- Blush beneath the cheekbones

Blush, on the cheeks, in these places too much attention is paid to the sagging skin. Only the most serving, the highest point of the cheekbones, and not near the center of the face can be at the age of 40 blush. Apply blush from the bottom up better movements. Color selection is also a matter of responsibility. If in doubt, a classic light pink shade and no brown heavy tones are better to use.

Floated lipstick

It looks very nice if this happens to a young girl. But this is unacceptable to us, women of age, as it immediately adds a couple of years to us. Immediately give us our untidy, dry and drooping lips. Output? Good liner for the lip. Let this be a cream pencil of high quality. Do not forget to shade all the lips with the same pencil when you circle the lips this way the lipstick (buy the best lipstick at your door steps) will be better kept and the liner’s color will not stand out against the background of the lipstick.

Too bright colors for the lipstick

The colors of the lipstick should be more natural with age. Try to give up colors that are bright, dark and metal. The volume of lips disappears over the years and returns it– that’s our job. Visually, light colors look bigger, so we’re choosing something brighter than usual. And don’t forget that lip products like gloss also exist for the lips. They often come with an additional volume effect; moisturizing formulas are good as well. Find an acceptable option for yourself.

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