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Best top 30 motivation status in English– If you are looking awesome motivation status for Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram then you are in right.

1. Believing in yourself is the main thing. Other’s  opinions change every day.

Best Motivation Status
                                                        Best Motivation Status

2. Do what you can with every thing you have, wherever you are.

3. Regardless of what happens, regardless of how difficult it is, remember–it’s all time.

4. Ultimately, with the start of the crisis, losers and lazy people have an explanation of why they are all bad and who is to blame.

5. Trying to prevent issues, but seemingly like me.

6. Sometimes it’s enough to want to live on just a few minutes of interaction with the              correct individual. 

7. Do not swim against the present-go wherever you need to.

Best Motivation Status In English


8. If you want to achieve something then be greedy towards your goals

9. The way out of poverty has to start in the head.

10. If you believe it’s possible, you can. But if you don’t think you can, you can’t.

11. Our present doubts are the only barrier to the accomplishments of our tomorrow.

top Best Motivation Status In English
Something has to end just to begin something fresh.


13. “Sometimes later”-a hazardous illness that will bury your dreams with you earlier or             later!

14. How many fools do not motivate; a motivated fool is the maximum you will achieve.

15. Do what others don’t want today; you won’t be able to live like others tomorrow.

16. If you can fix the problem, don’t worry. If the issue is unsolvable, worrying about it            doesn’t make any sense.

17. All, I’ll stop putting stuff off for tomorrow from tomorrow!

18. If you will build something excellent one day, remember-today is a beautiful day.

live tension free motivation

Change yourself, not your status.

20. There is no formula for achievement, but a formula for failure exists: attempt to please        everyone.

21. The main goal is not something to keep you awake at night, but something to get you out of bed early in the morning.

22. There’s only one individual in the globe who can pull you down or pull you up-it’s you.

23. Never think about minimum, always think everything maximum.

24. If you want to do something big then you should have patience because bamboo 35 feet takes 3-4 years to grow.

25. The reasons people give up are because they are looking at how much more needs to be accomplished instead of seeing how much has been accomplished already.

26. Resist pressure by learning not to give in to other people’s negative ideas and views.

Never relax

27. Never relax when it comes to attaining a goal, even when all goes well.

28. Get prepared to be at the bottom of the next stage after reaching the top.

29. Life isn’t living, it’s feeling you’re living. Go ahead and don’t be frightened!

dreams can come true

30. You can make your dreams come true if you can dream!

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