What I Wish To Become Essay


What I Wish To Become

A man’s journey begins as a baby from the cradle. He moves from there to a nursery school and then to a college. He’s come a long way to this point, but the parents give him the whole push. Unknowingly, he observed people working in various professions around him. Ultimately, his observation feedback and his own life’s philosophy prompted him to choose a profession that suits him or his linking and prepare for it.

What I Wish To Become

The contest is cut-throat in this age. Since my uncle is a doctor, however, and he has treated and healed thousands of sick people, I had to become a doctor somewhere in my mind when I was a lad.

I am good at the subjects of science. Biology and healing and chemistry have always fascinated me, and my father has not taught me that physics is close to my fingers. As my profession, I chose medical practice. This decision is based on the philosophy I developed after Leo Tolstoy’s work. He is adopted by the society, including his parents, as soon as a man is born. They bring him up to repay the debt he owes to society by serving the society’s sick and poor. Therefore my ambition in life is to become a doctor and as a profession I have chosen it.

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