What is Life? How to Run Life?


If you are depressed in your life and looking for motivational article for what is life then the article will help you alot to know more about what is life.

Life has different definition according to the every individual. Some people will say that life is so beautiful and some are very frustrated and depressed from the life, even they have forgotten that there is only one life so lets do not waste it.Where as some of youngster will say that “zindagi jhand hai”.

What is Life?

This all because we are facing many things in our life and experienced it,because of that we have formed different perception for life. So guys let me tell you one thing that you should be clear your purpose of life without any goals life is just like empty closed box which have full of darkness inside and this is the real reason for those who thinks that his/her life is the hell.

Create your goals of life wisely that what you want from your life,because we are the only one who chooses how you are going to spend your life.I am not saying life will be easier for anyone but instead of being worry all the time is better than try to find the solution so that at least you will came up with few solutions which will not end your problems but will help you in reducing it for sure.

If you have goals as well as passion in your life that I want to achieve something or I want to do something then you will never distract to achieve something and never upset.Take life as a teacher who teaches to live good moment as well as bad moment too. It is better to clean our vision for life and make a beautiful goals for life to live.

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