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When we ask ourselves what the significance of life is, it means we’ve lost a living emotional link to the globe, Ilya Latypov, a psychologist, is sure. What is life’s meaning?

This issue was asked three times over the previous month. I don’t like him: it’s highly abstract and not full of content for me. I don’t understand the response and, honestly, it’s not an exciting solution. But individuals who ask this question are causing the live curiosity.

Therefore, I ask without reply! And what is your motivation to ask this question? And what do you mean precisely the meaning of life for you or the significance of life in particular?

What prompted me, I remember well. In adolescence, my quest for the significance of life started. I really wanted to feel a teenager that was not worthless, but a individual meant something else. For me, the meaning was the same as destination, the mission.

I loved the books where normal individuals discovered superpowers in themselves. I believed I was born in an improper age and I was generally better off living in another globe I created myself. I had a mission there, I realized my existence’s significance there. But it was a world that was virtual.

At the same time, in fact, I was looking for significance. Not to say that this way I placed the question: “What is life’s significance?” I was just feeling unhappy with myself and the world. And I was looking for responses-in the field of religious esoteric thinking that was quickly flourishing in post-Soviet Russia. I looked carefully at the literature of Krishna and even purchased Abhay Charanaravinda Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada’s own heavy volume “Source of Eternal Pleasure.” But unfortunately, in the Source of Eternal Pleasure, I didn’t discover enjoyment, it turned out to be an exceptionally boring reading.

Then there was the nihilistic phase. With his “And there’s nothing fresh under the sun,” Ecclesiastes became his favourite book, “All is vanity and vanity of the spirit.” I still enjoy this Bible book, but I perceive it differently.

With increasing involvement in adult life, I have become increasingly interested not in the question of what is the meaning of life in general, but in the problems of my specific activity.

During the quest for “their job,” the senior psychology teacher at the university grew in sense of meaninglessness a lot of interviews in all feasible and impossible locations, including for the role of vendor of household appliances the director of a youth clothing shop and again the senior psychology teacher at the university.

Later I wrote a thesis on the topic of the individual’s self-alienation, including the loss of significance. The question “Why am I doing this at all, though, by this moment?” Is a thing of the past that has emerged from what I’m doing more and more emotional fulfillment. And they started asking me here what the significance of life was.

What is life’s meaning?

Most often in the form of “I don’t know why I’m living” and “My life doesn’t make sense.” Once questioned straight, “How can I discover my life meaning? I look at the individuals around me, they’ve got some meaningless, insignificant lives. Work– home– work, sluggish rest, country swarming. I don’t want this to happen! “I don’t want to go into the jungle of philosophy about the significance and the significance. I want something alive, I want to leave the human level of abstraction. How to respond if you’re asked what is life’s significance? The first step is to determine the significance. I want something alive, I want to leave the human level of abstraction. How to respond if you’re asked what is life’s significance? The first step is to determine the significance. I got responses to individuals talking about how they understand this, suggesting that individuals identify:-

  1.  purpose and significance “Why do you do all this?”;
  2. meaning and significance “What is this word meaning?”;
  3. its significance and significance “His speech is some kind of nonsense”.

All this is a facet of meaning in fact. Things, phenomena, procedures happening in the globe, and my actions all this acquires private significance when it becomes engaged in my universe of life, woven from my requirements, emotions, and values are not abstract, but packed with emotional material.

The discrepancy between what is worthwhile for us and what we do is alienating

It’s curious… searching for oneself within oneself is pointless, one has to turn to the outside world, but we can only understand the significance of these or other actions when they turn out to be consonant with one’s own inner voice.

At the time when I get engaged in what I do, my life makes sense. In other words, when my actions are linked to my requirements, they evoke feelings in me, they coincide with private values. There is alienation from the conflict between what is important to us and what we do.

Hence the easy result: it is pointless to speak of the meaninglessness of other people’s actions, not understanding their values and what feelings these activities have triggered. A individual who asks what the significance of life is and claims there is no point in his life tells me that he has lost touch with his own requirements and feelings and, if more broadly, his own universe of life.

For me, therefore, it means possession. My relationship with them is the significance of things to me. And then an ancient object that has no objective significance takes on meaning if it is linked to a dear person’s memory.

Old racks are hanging in my house, sculpted out of wood by my dad. They’re conscientiously made, but I don’t just leave them because they’re holding books. Their significance is that it is the father’s job, part of his material heritage, and part of my relationship with him. This is part of the globe of my life.

What is the meaning of life’s ?

Funny detail- people who often found him don’t even know what’s being said

Archeology is a totally useless thing for some. Once I took part in an expedition to archeology. Sometimes the village residents along the banks of the Amur did not know at all this phrase, and then we said we were geologists. “You’re in search of oil!” And the faces of the people were colored by comprehension. Oil is included as an important phenomenon in these people’s life worlds. And the pot wreck. And it makes sense to me it’s in an emotionally experienced sense of association with previous generations, feeling yourself as part of the future-oriented historical process. And in the context of this feeling, my hobby archeology makes sense only.

So what is life’s significance?

Funny detail- the people who often found him don’t even know what’s being said. If there’s a question about meaning and meaninglessness, then I think you should ask yourself why what I have doesn’t match my requirements, feelings and values?

Loss of significance is a reluctance to have emotional contact with what you have or are surrounded by. How it occurred a psychologist should ask this question.

What does life mean to me?

  1. What does life mean to me?
  2. How did you feel the link between what you’re doing and what’s important to you?
  3. And if there’s nothing meaningful for me in life?

Well, let’s discuss how you’re devaluing the universe. And no speak of life’s significance.

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