Women’s place in India today Essay


Women’s place in India today Essay

Male and female are the social fabric’s two main threads. The fabric can’t be strong if any of them is weak. It testifies to Indian society’s story. It’s full of weaknesses and evils. The reason IA that women’s place is not what it should be in our society.

Women’s place in India today Essay

Male domination has always existed in our country except in the Vedic age. After we were invaded by the foreigners, especially the Mughals, the country’s women were forced to stay home. This keeps them out of society’s education and exposure.

The women have not been an equal partner since then, but the weaker sex. Man gave her many beautiful names such as better half, fair sex, and Devi’s. But these are words that are only sugar-coated. She was actually physically, sexually, morally, and economically exploited. Strange customs such as dowry cursed her further.

In modern times, growing women’s education has opened floodgates for them. Women’s place in the family has become important now. She runs the family in a better way when she is educated. She can guide the kids and make them a good citizen.

Women’s place

Women now hold all of society’s positions. Working in offices, hospitals, police, hotels, and airports, they can be seen. They join the elite group and they can be seen in Indian Administrative Services, Medical Services, and even in the Army. Kiran Bedi’s names, Kalpana Chawla’s late are a few to give everywhere a gilmpse of their presence.

Women also take their proper place in politics. Indira Gandhi, the late prime minister, led them successfully. Now there are many names like Sushma Swaraj, Sheela Dixit, Uma Bharti and Sonia Gandhi  in every Indian’s language.

In social life, they occupied an equally important place. Mother Teresa, Shabana Azmi, Megha Patkar, Bachendri Pal are other names that suggest women take their rightful place in Indian society. And they may soon leave behind their menfolk.



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